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Dear customers, we are very pleased with your interest in this site. You will also find the opportunity to purchase utility ceramics and works of art created by Cyril Hancl on this website. Because these are not ordinary consumer goods, but objects of artistic value, both the exhibited pieces and the sale through these pages have specific details, with which you can get acquainted here.


Each individual product or work of art that you can purchase on this site is an original created by Cyril Hancl. From the beginning to the end of production, each piece passed exclusively through his hands. It does not use any moulds or templates in the production of ceramics. The individual pieces are always only similar, you will never find two exactly the same, both in shape and colour. The glazes are mixed variously by the author and even the ones he uses mixed from the manufacturer can have smaller or bigger differences in results. It depends on the location in the kiln, the layer and many other factors that we cannot completely influence.


Custom production of ceramics is possible in the case of ordering sets or individual larger pieces (vase, salad bowl, etc.). However, it is always necessary to take into account that there may be deviations in shape and colour. But this guarantees that you will receive a unique original!


We use only non-hazardous materials, exclusively lead-free glazes. Our ceramic products have been successfully tested for health safety.


We try to update the offer of our e-shop as often as possible, but new pieces are still being created and others are quickly selling out, even in the form of direct sales. If we are currently on the market, it is usually the first Saturday of the month, the e-shop is closed for one or two days. If you really need to buy something, stop by us at the market or write us a message .


We send orders within 1-5 days of the order (personal delivery) or receipt of payment for the goods in the case of sending by transport service. We will inform you about the delivery by e-mail or message.


We currently offer the following modes of transport:

  • DPD transport (Czech Republic)

  • transport by courier or our own delivery in Prague

  • personal collection in our studio in Prague - Písnice (by prior arrangement)

  • international transport by mail or courrier (individual rates)


All products must be packed with the utmost care due to the fact that they are fragile and can be easily damaged during transport. The appearance of the package is secondary. We strive to make the most of recycled material.



Payment can be made in the following ways:

  • payment 

    by credit card via payment operator PayU


Detailed general conditions of our shop can be downloaded as a pdf here .


You have the right to withdraw from the purchase contract without giving a reason within 14 days of receiving the goods.


In this case, send us the goods back to the address Cyril Hančl, Olšovická 106/15, 142 00 Prague 4 – Písnice after prior notice. After receiving unused goods in perfect condition, we will return the money back to your account, so please attach your bank details together with a written withdrawal from the purchase contract (sample here ).


We do not refund shipping costs to or from you. The goods must be secured against damage.
A package damaged in transit or cash on delivery will not be accepted.


Withdrawal is not possible if the goods were made to order according to your individual wishes.


Goods worn out by use or damaged by improper handling cannot be returned or claimed.

Although our ceramics are relatively strong (earthenware), they are not resistant to shocks, exposure to frost and other extreme conditions. It is intended for normal household use.


You can download our privacy policy here .


By concluding the purchase contract, the buyer acknowledges that the works, goods, photographs and videos depicted on this website represent the intellectual property of the authors protected by law. The buyer is not entitled to make or have made copies or imitations of the purchased goods. In the case of each individual breach of any obligation specified in this paragraph, the buyer agrees on a contractual penalty in the amount of CZK 50,000 and the obligation to compensate the author for damages and non-pecuniary damage in full.


Cyril Hančl

Olšovická 106/15

142 00 Praha 4–Písnice, Czech Republic

​ 76424952

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