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I started working in ceramics sometime around 1990, when I, more or less out of curiosity, bought a digging pottery wheel. At that time there was a general shortage of dishes suitable for tea consumption in the Czech Republic, and this interest of mine first led me to the production of tea bowls and teapots, which I have since had the opportunity to make several thousand pieces, which helped me to master the bravura in working in clay allowing the free creation.

"The principles of my pottery making are the same as of my sculpting. Namely, that the objects which we are surrounded by and we touch, are co-shaping our lives. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the creation with the highest responsibility, to be constantly aware and if possible, not to compromise. My main aim is to reduce form, to simplify. Simplification leads the mind to calm. And a quiet mind provides relief to the individual.

From clay, I create both utilitarian objects for dining, such as plates, cups, bowls and bowls, teapots, vases, as well as objects of a purely artistic character - ceramic sculptures suitable for interiors. All pieces, including utility pieces, are originals created only by my hands on a potter's wheel, without the use of any templates or moulds. So each piece is different. I usually burn utility ceramics at temperatures around 1250 ° C, which enables its use in a modern household, including washing in a dishwasher.

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