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Cyril Hančl was born in 1964. He lives in Prague-Písnice, where he creates ceramics and stone sculptures made of stone or metal in his studio. He is a graduate of the School of Stonemasonry and Sculpture in Hořice and he learned the basics of working with the potter's wheel in the 1990s in a workshop in Malá Strana, in Prague led by master František Švancar.

He has been working in sculpture since about 1980. He works mostly with natural stone, his most popular materials include marble, granite or limestone, but he also uses other materials, such as iron, bronze, ceramics or wood. His sculptures are characterized by moderation, a sense of material and careful work with details. At the same time, the sculptures do not deny a strong inspiration from nature - they reveal the beauty of the creature. As in nature, the very essence of Cyril's sculptures is their emotional dimension and energy, which gives them their visible shape.

Cyril Hančl's ceramics excel in high aesthetic and utility value. Characteristic minimalist shapes make carefully selected ceramic materials and glazes stand out. He works with traditional material, which moves its processing into the current context. Each piece is created directly on the potter's wheel without templates or moulds and is a unique work.

In addition to his sculptural work and ceramics, Cyril Hančl is also involved in the restoration of sculptures and stone elements in architecture.

"The principles of my pottery making are the same as of my sculpting. Namely, that the objects which we are surrounded by and we touch, are co-shaping our lives. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the creation with the highest responsibility, to be constantly aware and if possible, not to compromise. My main aim is to reduce form, to simplify. Simplification leads the mind to calm. And a quiet mind provides relief to the individual.

Around 25 years ago, there was a distinct lack of pottery for brewing and drinking of tea in Bohemia. Since that time I had a chance to produce thousands of pieces of teapots and bowls, which helped me to master the clay and gave me freedom for the creative process.


Now, I just see the curve inside the bowl and the outer curve. Then they connect at the edge to be touched by the lips."




Art in the city /České Budějovice and Hluboká nad Vltavou

Mariánská Gallery/České Budějovice



Vinohrady Pavilion Design Store /Prague
permanent sale exposition



Dark Matter at Pokorná Gallery /Prague 



8 paintings and 1 sculpture

Prague, Baptist church Topolka 

3 + 4, Prague, Pokorná Gallery

sculptures and paintings



SOFA /New York 

St'art /Strasbourg



New Additions /Prague, Pokorná Gallery

Art Miami /Miami

ArtForm /West Palm Beach

SOFA /New York



SOFA /New York

SOFA /Chicago




Galerie na Jánském vršku /Prague
SOFA /New York
SOFA /Chicago



Summer Garden Exhibition /Prague



Prague Castle Stairs gallery /Prague



Summer Garden Exhibition /Prague









Prague, Kolowrat Palace - copies of baroque figures and vases



Prague, Charles Bridge - a copy of the statue of St. Ludmila


1991 - 1994

Prague, The House At the Stone Bell - restoration of medieval palace


1985 - 1990

Prague, restoration of the National Theater building

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